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industrial area for sale 12853.00 m2 USD 398,951

Čantavirski put, Subotica

Serbia >> Vojvodina >> Subotica >> Čantavirski put

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350.000 EUR
USD 398,951
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REAL ESTATE INTERNATIONAL: Land plot of 1 ha 28a in the industrial zone Donji Grad, Čantavirski put bb, Subotica, with ownership above the access road, suitable for all business purposes. It is 2 km from the city center and 2,5 km from a circular road leading to the Belgrade-Budapest highway near two customs checkpoints, Horgos and Kelebi.

Subotica is a region with long industrial history. Dominant branches are agriculture, food production and processing, electro-industry, metal and chemical processing industry and the service sector. Subotica is well-known in the region by its strong brands in bakery, confectionary and dairy industry, production of vine, alcohol and non-alcohol beverages, organic food production, graphic design industry, clothes industry, plastic production and processing and civil engineering. Tourism represents an enormous potential confirmed in the tourism development strategy of Serbia, which puts Subotica and Palić Lake in the first four priorities. Structure of economy: Over 2000 companies• Over 4000 entrepreneurs• Total Annual Income 1,5 billion euros • Export of 276 million euros• Import of 438 million euros World brands investments in production facilities in Subotica: Continental Contitech, Dunkermotoren, Norma Group, Swarowski, Calzedonia,etc. Favorable geographic location of Subotica has a number of logistic advantages: Two border crossings to Hungary Horgoš and Kelebija One interstate border crossing-Bajmok, which is 35 km from Subotica Railway Cargo Station Main Internet Backbone and well developed telecommunications structure Public and customs warehouses Logistic Centre Station on 40 ha Good network of local roads 444 km in length, connected with international motorways Connection to three international airports Belgrade SER 165 km Budapest H 190 km Osijek CRO 120 km and to the local airport in Seged H 50 km Subotica is located on some of the major European traffic crossroads: Pan-European Corridor X Motorway E 75 Budapest-Subotica-Belgrade-Niš -Skopje MK-Athens GRRailway E 85 Budapest HU-Subotica-Belgrade-Niš-Skopje MK-Athens GR Railway Subotica-Szeged HU Railway 771 Subotica-Sombor-Vinkovci CRO Motorway M-24 Senta-Kikinda-Timisoara RO Motorway M-17.1 Subotica-Sombor-Osijek CRO
Building plot
Area of the building plot:
12853.00 m2
Current supply:
yes (in the street)
yes (in the street)
yes (in the street)
2 km-re a központtól

Further information:

  • Uploaded:
    2018-10-03 16:06:53
  • Modified:
    2018-10-03 17:48:44
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