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Privacy Policy

General Terms of Use

Please read the following carefully. further: The Server

We offer the following

  • We will treat your personal data with the greatest security and we will not pass it on.
  • Our customer service is available during working hours and answers all your questions in email ( within 48 hours).
  • Each user can advertise for free up to 3 ads. (we will not charge you subsequently)
  • The site is multilingual so prospective buyers/ tenants of any language can easily interpret your ad.

We ask you the following

  • Please advertise only existing properties for factual prices.
  • Do not take the ads of other advertisers, sites.
  • Upload only one ad for one property and advertise only one property by one ad.
  • Do not upload new ads about the same property in sequence, even if you deleted the previous ones.
  • The pictures can only show the property itself without photoshoping, link or any other contact possibilities as well as easily recognizable human faces.
  • The text of the ads can not contain links referring to other sites! Corrupting these will result in an immediate exclusion.
  • The advertiser guarantees that the ads (and all its details) are factual. The Server does not take any responsibility for the origin and punctuality of the ads.

Terms of Use

  1. The Hooncilla website's claim of terms of use: The User's contribution .
  2. Treated information: the user's name, the user's email address, the user's telephone number, time of registration, the time of the last log in, the text of the ads, the pictures of the ads, and further personal data given by the user.
  3. Deadline for deleting the User:1O years whether you advertise or not. You can claim your intention for deletion on
  4. You can change your personal data at any time: (Log in) -> My profile -> My profile. You can change your email address only if you have a good reason for that and you explain it to us on
  5. We inform our Users that judges, public prosecutors, the police or other official organs can ask the data for inspection. The Server will provide the official organs only with the inevitably necessary amount of data.
  6. The Server will take all the necessary security, organizational and technical actions in order to provide the highest level of personal data security as well as to prevent the unauthorized changing, elimination and usage of these data. The Server will not store personal data on the mass storage of the computers that can be reached by the public.
  7. The Server collects your personal data to improve and support its services. Your personal information is shared in a form that does not directly identify you. To improve the quality of the service, the Server places a file containing rows of characters, the so called cookies on the User's computer. cookie.
  8. The cookie is an information package that the server sends to the browser, then the browser sends it back to the server each time the server receives a request. The web server creates the cookies with the help of the browser on the PC of the user where they will be stored in a separate folder.
  9. In most browsers it is adjustable whether the user allows cookies or not.
  10. The user decides about the usage of the cookies.
  11. The website may contain pages of other servers (that are not conducted by the Server). These pages may place their cookies or other files on the tools, may collect information or may require personal data. The Server can not take any responsibility for these.
  12. The Server will do everything in its power to protect the data from damages and attacks.
  13. The Server is entitled to inform its users if certain security vulnerability or error occurs and to restrict the access to the system and service while the error is not overcome.
  14. The Server will delete or restrict the handling of personal information if it is against the law, violates the Privacy Policy or the functioning of the system.
  15. The Server can not take responsibility for any damages caused on the advertised properties, for stealing or any other crimes.
  16. The Server has the right to change or correct the already existing principles of the Privacy Policy.

The users of this site ( whether registered or not ) should accept our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

TARGET service information

TARGET service is when a user searches a property with special features.
At the beginning of his/her search the user sets the described criteria. If the search has no results, the user can require the TARGET service. This means that the system will store the criteria and when an ad that fulfills these criteria appears in the system, the user will receive an email alert.
Anybody can require this service for free.
Terms of use:

  • The user provides his/her email address. This email address will be used only to inform the user about the potential results.
  • We will not share it with third parties
  • The service is valid for six months (from the date of demand)
  • The service can be stopped at any time (information in the notices)
  • You can require only one target service for one email address
  • The user has to reconfirm the email address.

Regulations for sharing with email

If you think that your friends or family members could be interested in a property, share it with them by the help of an email.

  • We store the names, email addresses and texts you have once entered, as well as time and IP addresses.
  • We will not send letters to these addresses only those that are required by the service
  • We do not share email addresses to third parties
  • You agree on not sending anybody ads, offensive and dangerous or inappropriate contents and that you know the person who you are sending the letter to.

Ad investigation regulations

If you consider that the ad is inappropriate, offends your human rights or the rights of others, contains faulty, fictional or other incorrect data, please contact us.

  • We store the names, email addresses and texts you have once entered, as well as time and IP addresses.
  • We will not send letters to these addresses only those that are required by the service
  • We do not share email addresses to third parties
  • You agree on not sending the Server any ads, offensive, dangerous and inappropriate content.