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Why to choose the PRO packet?

  1. Because you can upload more than three ads to this web page.
  2. Your ads appear more frequently than other regular ads.
  3. Your logo appears next to each of your ad (even at listing).
  4. Consumers are aware that you are an agency, they trust you and your professionalism.
  5. The information about the agency can be viewed on a full-page web card.

Why to use PRO?

What is hooncilla PRO?

Every registered member can advertise his/her property FREE on the website if he/she accepts the conditions of usage.
In terms of the ads, there is only one restriction between the FREE and the PRO. The customer using the FREE service can upload only 3 ads while the customer using the PRO service can upload 5O, 5OO or 5OOO ads.

Consequently, we recommend the PRO for those people, agencies or real estate agents who have more types and different types of properties for sale or to rent.

Hooncilla PRO advantages!

  1. while looking for ads, every PRO user`s logo and name are clearly visible in list view,
  2. when the ad appears, a big "visiting card" will also appear on the left with the logo, background picture and some other important details about the PRO user,*
  3. every PRO user will be added to the AGENCIES list so that we can find out further information about them,
  4. the ads of the PRO users will appear TARGETEDLY on different parts of the webpage,
  5. every ad of the PRO users will be possible to view in one given category which can be very useful when sharing a link,

How can I become a hooncilla PRO user?

It is simple! **

  1. if you have not registered on our website yet, then first please register here with your email or with any of the social networking sites (follow the instructions),
  2. access the hooncilla website and open this link
  3. fill in as many fields as you can as accurately as you can (under description write as much about your agency as you can), upload a logo and a wallpaper (e.g. a picture about your agency`s town),
  4. check the data you entered and upload them
  5. when it is done we will activate your request. We will check the data and we will activate PRO 2 package for you for 2 years, FOR FREE!

* - Higher than 800px wide devices.

** - For a more comfortable way of filling in data, please perform these by using your regular PC.

Basic PRO 1 PRO 2 PRO 3
Statistics (ad / mobile no.) yes yes yes yes
Business card no yes yes yes
Logo while listing no yes yes yes
Hooncilla Agency contact no yes yes yes
Number of ads 3 50 500 5,000